WHAT CAN CAUSE Abdominal Pain?

Constipation often is blamed for stomach pain, and while it's rarely a difficulty in younger newborns, it's a common reason behind pain in older children, especially in the low part of the abdomen. Whenever a child's diet lacks plenty of fluids, fresh fruits and vegetables, and dietary fiber rich in whole grains, bowel problems are more likely to occur. For more information, talk to your pediatrician. my partner and i went to eat ( ate different foods -he ate a chicken egg roll and since I do not eat meat, ate something else…but we distributed the dessert) so when he returned to his house, he was vomiting and diarrhea forever and experienced splitting throbbing headache and strong stomache pain. That was Sunday/wee hours of Monday morning. He is being better now. and was able to drink normal water and juices but stomache still feels exhausted. I have been ultra paranoid if this was a insect since we distributed the cheesecake so I have been swallowing items of garlic , honey, pineapple drink and any other activities I read that is antiviral. Was what he previously food poisoning? I am ready to contact the restaurant.
The cause of belly pain can be diagnosed through a series of tests. Before ordering tests, your doctor can do a physical assessment. This includes gently pressing down on various regions of your abdomen to check on for tenderness and swelling. This information, combined with intensity of the pain and its location within the abdomen, will help your doctor determine which testing to order.
Strep throat is a neck infection triggered by bacteria called streptococci. It occurs frequently in children over 3 years old. The symptoms and indicators add a sore neck, fever, and stomach pain. There may be some vomiting and headaches as well. Your pediatrician will want to test your child and swab her neck to check on for strep bacterias. If the email address details are positive for strep, your child should be cured with an antibiotic.
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I have a tendency to eat about 3 time before I sleep, before I rest I feel somewhat full and personally i think abit of any stomach ache that is going to come. I go to sleep on my back again and then 1-2 time later I awaken with a pain in the upper section of the abdominal. It hurts sooo bad, I want help. The doctors said that I just need to eat more fruit and vegetables because I want fibre?? I don't know but please help help. The first doctor offered me a remedies then my children doctor thought to stop taking it because my body are certain to get used to it. I did so stop taking it a long time ago, but after a few months the pain came back. I am hoping it's nothing serious like surgery, I'm just 14 and I am so frightened. I don't want this to keep occurring, it effects institution and my sleeping routine and it doubts my mommy soo much.stomach ache what to eat to feel better
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